Congratulations on your new Puppy! 
I wish you many many years of love and fun with the new family member.

YOUR PUP comes with...


3 Day cooling off period

If you get home and things aren't as they were supposed to be, I will happily take the pup back and give a full refund.

Unconditional rehoming offer

If for any reason in the future, you are not able to keep the dog and are not able to find anyone who can give it a suitable home, I will always take it back and rehome it. Your dog will never be without a home! 


Health Guarantee

Where an animal is returned to the business within 3 days of sale, for any reason not supported by a statement from a veterinary practitioner, the business must take back the animal and refund 75% of the purchase price.( I will refund 100% in this situation. )

Where an animal is returned to the business within 21 days of sale, accompanied by a statement from a veterinary practitioner that the animal is unacceptable for health reasons, the business must take back the animal and refund 100% of the purchase price.

If the animal is diagnosed with, suffering from, dies of or is euthanised from a physical defect or disease that is traceable to a point of sale within 3 years of purchase, the business must refund 100% of the purchase price. For that to happen, the owner has to provide supporting statements from a veterinary practitioner, including test results, where a suitable test is available. Furthermore the owner has to make veterinary reports and test results available to the breeder, so that the breeder can obtain their own veterinary advice for the purpose of informing future breeding management.
If the reason for diagnosis, death, or euthanasia is a result of terrible defeat, the parents and any offspring from those still held by the business must be tested and managed for the heritable defect as per Sections 6 (3) (a) and
7(3) (a). Test results and death certificates must be linked with the animals microchip number.



Please be aware that your dog is going to need exercise, this is one of the responsibilities of dog ownership!
As a pup the normal running around is usually sufficient, but as an adolescent and adult they must be taken out for exercise. Which isn't only good for the dog but us too.

I would highly recommend puppy school in the early weeks, it is great socialising for your dog and help if you have any issues. After this, dog training is excellent, if it suits your family and your interests.There are lots of activities that can branch from here, such as agility, fly ball and more advanced obedience work.

These are all great doggy activities and help to form a wonderful relationship between you and your dog. Children can also be involved in this.

Toilet Training...

You need to be very diligent for the first few weeks, effort put in now will certainly pay. Take the pup out last thing at night and first thing in the morning, as soon as it wakes up from a sleep and after it has eaten. Your pup is still a baby and will sleep a lot. Try not to leave them unattended around the house with no one watching them or you will miss the opportunity to take them out. You will start to recognise the movements the puppy makes when it is looking to go, so take it to the desired spot then. 

You will probably have a few accidents initially, your pup is just a baby and still doesn't have full control over its bladder. In the first couple of days don't discipline the pup if there is an accident, as they don't know they are being naughty and you will just frighten and confuse them.

WHAT'S Already been done...

Your Puppy has recieved it's first vaccination and been microchipped. On the vaccination certificate, which you received with your puppy, you'll find the microchip number and the date of when the next vaccination is due. 

Worming has been done at 2, 4, 6 weeks and Advocate given at 8 weeks. Worming will be due again at 10 weeks, coinciding with the next vaccination , so you can go through the worming regime with the vet. 

I recommend a monthly dose of Advocate, as this covers fleas, worms, ear mites, heart worm and is very simple. Advocate is quite expensive, but can be purchased easily online from Oveds:


Cavoodle Pups 2.jpg

You may have a couple of nights crying from your pup. They have since birth been sleeping in bundle of warm puppies and their milky Mum. They will be lonely and worried the first nights but they will settle. Work out where you want your pup to sleep, it should be warm and enclosed. Do not pick them up everytime that they cry, leave them and they will settle. Your pup will come supplied with a crate that it is used to sleeping in along with blankets and toys filled with wonderful familiar smells. This will greatly help your pup settle.

If your dog sleeps on your bed or in your room, they will probably not cry, but it is best to start the way you want to continue. So don't let them sleep in your room, unless you are happy for them to always sleep with you (mine do).

Your Pup has been fed a diet of Advance Puppy dried food, which is good quality and contains all vitamins and minerals required. Apart from that, they are given Advance Puppy tinned food and  chicken mince, which is loved by the puppies.

Raw bones and raw chicken necks and wings are very healthy for their teeth, given once a week.

Offer your pup three meals a day or have dried food available at all times. As a Pup your dog won't overeat, but be aware, that they don't get fat as they grow. Many dogs can be gusty - a fat dog is not a healthy or usually happy dog.
Don't spoil them with food, but with attention and exercise.
Offering your dog titbits outside of his feeding times will manifest into a dog that is constantly begging for food and the novelty of this will wear off very quickly.
Be strong to that cute face!

Your dog will not require puppy milk, just fresh clean water available all the time.



Still questions..? 

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time!